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Cho Manuel Residence is ideal and suitable for people who love nature, animals, intimacy, absolute quietness and a very personal and heartfelt treatment.

We offer all these things and real good cooking, as well. You'll enjoy a charming landscape, the sun and the sea.

Since we dispose of a professional musical equipment we recommend our Finca also to composers ( ask for information, please). Moreover we recommend Cho Manuel Residence for authors and painters because of its absolutely incomparable quietness.
As Cho Manuel was born on Grand Canary
Hello, I am Manuel Cardona, Hello, I am Manuel Cardona, I want you to point out at another kind of vacations. First of all I thank you for your confidence! It's a pleasure for me to welcome you.

I have been active in the tourism business for more than 30 years and am now looking for a new kind of vacations. I think of those persons who work under great pressure and are therefore suffering from stress. It's not so easy to find a solution of the problem, but I think it's possible. Following points should be considered:

1) A favourable geographical place, short flying time and an assured weather stability (sunny during the whole year).
2) The possibility of numerous flights, also short-time booked.
3) A charming place unlike mass - tourism, better said a quiet, comfortable and intimate place.
4) High-quality, personal and individual service and absolute quietness.
5) Situated outside the tourism bustle but near enough to take part at the social life.
6) Generously laid out terrain, Solarium near the pool, beach and sea nearby.
7) Help from us with our experience in order to guarantee you nice and restful holidays.
8) Excellent gastronomical knowledges, personal information concerning restaurants
And so was born and created Cho Manuel Residence,
Thus Cho Manuel Residence was born. I think all conditions and wishes were realised. After some time I noticed that many people had been longing for such holidays.
So I hope you will be as satisfied as those poeple who have already been our guests.
With kind regards
Manuel Cardona, "Cho Manuel"
More Information about Manuel Cardona "Cho Manuel"
Mr. Cardona, the owner and creator of Cho Manuel Residence is not only a turism experet, he as well is musician, designer, promoter of friendships, guard of culinary cultures, lover of nature, etc.
He says he has created himself the need of constant learning and studying and his actually writing a book of his thoughts.
If you want to know what Mr. Cardona is writing, please visit his personal web, click below.
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