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Twelve months to live the sea Gran Canaria
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Grand Canary: A Paradise with golden Beaches
Gran Canaria is a miniature continent. An island close to Europe, with a wide range of beaches as diverse as the changing sceneries waiting to be discovered. Nearly 60 kilometres of beaches on 236 kilometres of coastline under a gentle sun that seems to have settled down here for good.

The coast of our community has a total of 29 beaches. The most famous ones are Playa de Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and Playa de San Agustín. These three beaches received the Blue Flag, an european award for beaches and resorts that totally fulfill the regulations of cleanliness and hygiene. This is one of the reasons that european institutions recommend them.
Average of the Water Tempertures on Grand Canary Canaries Spain
19º C
19º C
19º C
19º C
20º C
20º C
21º C
22º C
23º C
23º C
22º C
21º C
Sand Dunes of Maspalomas Grand Canary, Canary Islands.

Maspalomas - with a length of 2.710 m is considered one of the most beautiful of all the fantastic beaches of the island. Fine sand with marvellous dunes as a backdrop await you, it´s a sandy golden paradise with beaches for all tastes and preferences, smaller and bigger, with more or less privacy, even the nudists are welcome in a designated area of Maspalomas.

Photos of Playa de Maspalomas on Grand Canary, Canary Islands.
LENGTH: 2.710 m TYPE: Sand COLOUR: White / Golden
Fotos de Playa de Maspalomas en Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias
Panoramic Photo of Playa de Maspalomas
Foto Panoramica de la Playa de Maspalomas
Dunes of Maspalomas Grand Canary
Fotos de Playa del Ingles en Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias.
LENGTH: 2.700 m TYPE: Sand COLOUR: White /Golden
Playa del Inglés – this nearly 3 kilometer long beach is one of the most famous in Europe. Located in the largest tourist area of the island, it features sporting activities like jet ski, sailing, water skiing and many many more. Basically, whatever you want to do... you´ll find it here!
Panoramic View of Playa del Inglés
Vista Panoramica de Playa del Ingles
Photos of Playa de San Agustin on Grand Canary, Canary Islands.
LENGTH: 1000 m TYPE: Sand COLOUR: Brown / Yellow
San Agustín – less known than Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, is quieter and more relaxing. Just a few hundred meters long, this golden sandy beach is well protected against the waves.
Playa de San Agustin Gran Canaria
Panoramic Photo of Playa de San Agustin Grand Canary
Foto Panoramica de la Playa de San Agustin Gran Canaria
Panoramic Photo of Playa de Las Burras in San Agustin Grand Canary
Photos of Playa de Meloneras on Grand Canary, Islas Canarias.
LENGTH: 2.710 m TYPE: Sand COLOUR: Black / with stones
Fotos de Playa de Maspalomas en Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias
Panoramic Photo of Playa de Meloneras Maspalomas Grand Canary
Foto Panoramica de la Playa de Maspalomas
Playa de Meloneras Maspalomas Grand Canary
Twelve months to live the sea
147 miles of coastline keep an oceanfull of possibilities to enjoy the sea. This is what makes Gran Canaria the port of destination of a huge crowd of Europeans. This has been so for generations. Sailors, divers, surfers, deep-sea fisherpeople, and windsurfers. All getting away to an island that works like a magnet. It hides a magnetic spring with which it attracts anyone wanting to get away to a sea of fine weather.

But what is it that makes such different people blend in the same spot in the ocean? Well, here’s the recipe for the great sea cocktail. The first ingredient: Gran Canaria is one of the spots with the finest weather in all of Europe. The water temperature (ranging from 18ºC in winter and 22ºC throughout the rest of the year) and the optimum sea and wind conditions invite to practise water sports all twelve months. There are perfect spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The island is in fact the base station for the best windsurfers, and although the do not go around telling everyone about it, they stay here most of the year. Divers and fisherpeople are others who are not interested in voicing out the bearings of their holiday spot. Then come the sailors, who find in Gran Canaria a great place to hold sailboat races. Winds practically made-to-measure, sea currents that gather large schools of fishes close to the coast, and spectacular sea bottoms represent its natural advantages. While in the rest of Europe winter stops all sea-related activity, the island’s impressive water sport season remains open. Throughout the year.

Gran Canaria has also wide infrastructure developed to make the best of the island’s natural resources, offering services for the practice of a myriad of nautical sports. You will find a company, club, association, or marina practically everywhere. In sum, an island where the sea is everywhere, in every thing. Thus, this small spot in the ocean has been the cradle of 30 world champions in different sports disciplines, six Olympic sailing gold medallists - José Luis Doreste, Luis Doreste, Roberto Molina, Patricia Guerra, Domingo Manrique, and Fernando León – a 13-times world windsurfing champion - Björn Dunkerbeck -, and elite windsurfers such as the Ruano sisters Daida and Iballa. If you are a sea lover, or perhaps a sailing enthusiast, diver, fisherperson, surfer, kitesurfer, or windsurfer, you already know there is a grand holiday destination waiting for you in Gran Canaria.
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