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Twelve months to live the sea

Gran Canaria 147 miles of coastline keep an oceanfull of possibilities to enjoy the sea. This is what makes Gran Canaria the port of destination of a huge crowd of Europeans. This has been so for generations. Sailors, divers, surfers, deep-sea fisherpeople, and windsurfers. All getting away to an island that works like a magnet. It hides a magnetic spring with which it attracts anyone wanting to get away to a sea of fine weather.

But what is it that makes such different people blend in the same spot in the ocean? Well, here’s the recipe for the great sea cocktail. The first ingredient: Gran Canaria is one of the spots with the finest weather in all of Europe. The water temperature (ranging from 18ºC in winter and 22ºC throughout the rest of the year) and the optimum sea and wind conditions invite to practise water sports all twelve months. There are perfect spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The island is in fact the base station for the best windsurfers, and although the do not go around telling everyone about it, they stay here most of the year. Divers and fisherpeople are others who are not interested in voicing out the bearings of their holiday spot. Then come the sailors, who find in Gran Canaria a great place to hold sailboat races. Winds practically made-to-measure, sea currents that gather large schools of fishes close to the coast, and spectacular sea bottoms represent its natural advantages. While in the rest of Europe winter stops all sea-related activity, the island’s impressive water sport season remains open. Throughout the year.

Gran Canaria has also wide infrastructure developed to make the best of the island’s natural resources, offering services for the practice of a myriad of nautical sports. You will find a company, club, association, or marina practically everywhere. In sum, an island where the sea is everywhere, in every thing. Thus, this small spot in the ocean has been the cradle of 30 world champions in different sports disciplines, six Olympic sailing gold medallists - José Luis Doreste, Luis Doreste, Roberto Molina, Patricia Guerra, Domingo Manrique, and Fernando León – a 13-times world windsurfing champion - Björn Dunkerbeck -, and elite windsurfers such as the Ruano sisters Daida and Iballa. If you are a sea lover, or perhaps a sailing enthusiast, diver, fisherperson, surfer, kitesurfer, or windsurfer, you already know there is a grand holiday destination waiting for you in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria – now a World Biosphere Reserve

Gran Canaria’s natural resources have always been an endless source of bliss for the local population. The first of so many happy moments comes with the fine weather enjoyed here throughout the year, which makes life friendly and quiet. But this is certainly not all that nature has to offer on this island.

Gran Canaria is a miniature continent, a sampler of quite uncommon sceneries in the middle of an extremely diverse archipelago. This is why UNESCO awarded the island the Biosphere Reserve label, to actively support the conservation of the pieces that make up this puzzle of natural settings, a different and very peculiar micro-world. Nearly half the island’s geographical space has been included in this reserve, comprising six rural communities linked to traditional activities.

But what has nature in Gran Canaria done to deserve UNESCO’s recognition? In the first place, the island is a theme park focused on the peculiar and magical Macaronesian flora. An open park that treasures plants and flowers that grew apart from those of the rest of the world, under the distinct seal of the Macaronesian region. A natural world that has breathed its own air for centuries within the island’s changing topography.

This, the island’s relief and its special geomorphologic configuration, is where lies yet another of Gran Canaria’s distinct features. A vast depression caldera, the Tejeda Caldera, governs the centre of the island, draining rainwater that zigzags along ravines to reach the sea. In all, Gran Canaria may be viewed as a massif that rises from sea level up to 1,949 metres at the top of Mount Las Nieves.

The island’s altitude and sharp relief allow for a myriad of microclimates and habitats. The south-western region of Gran Canaria has preserved its natural environment throughout the centuries. Deep Canadian pine tree forests are found in that area, this tree being unique in the entire planet. Human activity has been respectful to nature, blending in with the island’s original environment, and thus yielding a special landscape mosaic now under care for the generations to come. It becomes hard to distinguish the elements that were introduced from those that have always been there.

Gran Canaria's essence as land of contrast is also evident in its coastline. From there up to 300 metres of altitude, the environment is arid to hyper-arid, filled with thistle and euphorbia. The bottom of ravines and valleys are home to palm trees, salt cedar, and willow groves. The coastline, with wide immersed deltas, underwater volcanic gorges, tall cliffs, and interconnected sand banks… such natural blend affords a rich biodiversity, home to the loggerhead turtle, the bottlenose dolphin, and Risso’s dolphin. Every day they all meet for a new performance. One thousand climates and a million natural species all dancing together on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve.

Sports The fine-weather gym GRAN CANARIA

Imagine being a life honorary member of a mile-long open-air gymnasium. A superb gym with fine weather throughout the year. With great temperatures during the months of winter. Gentle sun in the summer, without extreme heat. And an ocean-sized swimming pool.

Gran Canaria is a fine weather island. Custom-made for sportspeople. Surrounded by beaches, with a sea of possibilities to practise sports. A shelter for surfers, windsurfing freaks, divers, kitesurfers, and sailing enthusiasts.

Gran Canaria is such great fine-weather gym. With only one admission fee: you must be ready to have fun. This is why it is the winter destination for a thousand professional teams of all Europe. And for anyone wishing to practise sports in any of the different spots of the island’s intricate landscape. Trekking through pine tree forests, golf next to a volcano caldera, running on the edge of the sea… sports any time of the year!
Plenty of things to do: Did you really expect me to spend my holidays just sitting on a chair? Not in a million years. As everyone else, I also have obligations waiting for me at home. But not here. When I come to this island, I leave work behind, far behind. These are days to keep my mobile off.
For I need a break sometimes to escape to my shelter island. A shelter where the sun shines practically throughout the year. Thirty minutes after I set foot on Gran Canaria I become an entirely different person. On the island, I find the time to have fun and practice sports. All the sports you can imagine, for the fine weather motivates you to try new things. I return every year willing to try what I did not dare the last time. This is an island customized to the needs of sports freaks. And not just because of the weather. In Gran Canaria you may experience a little of everything. This is Europe’s windsurfing capital, which explains why I spent hours on end flying with my board and sail during my first summer there. The following year I took up mountain biking, and invested my time pedalling across pine forests. Lots of places and things to choose from. You may enjoy kite-surfing, rock-climbing and trekking. Swimming under the protection of a line of volcanic rock. Or diving.
Surfing, no less, was on the agenda for these last holidays. After twenty years without practising it, I gave it another try. At first, my wife saw me get into the water with my board and could not help but laughing. Afterwards, upon seeing me standing over a wave, she had to accept this unknown side of her husband. Yet another one. I have even tried sports fishing, something I had never expected to enjoy so much. But hey, you find yourself on deck fighting against a swordfish and then you being to understand… you even end up dreaming about hooks and roaming like a sea wolf along the pier at Puerto de Mogán. I must admit I have yet another reason to be hooked to the island. A quite simple one. I enjoy fine food. And you find good restaurants here. Of all kinds. Or did you think us sportspeople did not enjoy the good life?"

Please, do not forget. Registration is already open. Surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming in the sea, trekking, windsurfing, biking, golf, kitesurfing, diving, and practically anything else you can imagine is waiting for you in Gran Canaria. The fine-weather gym never closes.

Play golf all year round GRAN CANARIA

Golf tourism finds a perfect scenario in Gran Canaria with the great weather enjoyed on the island.

The finest weather adds to the island’s strong golf tradition, born in the 19th century with the opening of the nation’s first golf course in Gran Canaria, in 1891. Six generations afterwards, Gran Canaria remains as a golf destination for thousands of Europeans. Many years have passed since the opening of this golf course, the first in Spain. A course enjoyed by British tourists who came to Gran Canaria seeking the island’s warm winter.

Golf has now become a popular sport in Gran Canaria. The island has 8 different courses within a very small radius. 8 different courses, all at a stone’s throw. Under a mild sun that never fails to be ready to swing eight days a week, five weeks a month, thirteen months a year, and even seven lives if that could be possible. But Gran Canaria’s golf experience is not just tradition. A modern infrastructure has been developed around the sport over the last couple of years. With adequate services to meet the needs of every player, in courses tailored to different styles within a radius of 50 kilometres. Different surroundings within close distance. Courses designed by the best at international level.

For all this, Gran Canaria has been seat to a myriad of tournaments in the last years, and its relevance as golf destination grows by the hour. Because when the time comes to put the clubs away, Gran Canaria continues offering grand holidays. An island with lots of changing sceneries, a thousand beaches, and a sea of history and culture. And of course, the best gastronomical experience adding to its wide range of hotels. One of Europe’s main tourist destinations is more than ready to guarantee unforgettable golf holidays. A refuge close to home where to calmly enjoy your favourite sport.

Wellness The Great Rest recipe GRAN CANARIA

The Great Rest was discovered scores of years ago. It came about in the middle of the 19th Century when several Englishmen that were sailing along the steamboat route to Cape Town discovered, almost by accident, the island with the best winters in Europe. An island that offered a refuge, with perfect microclimates so that people could settle for long stays and rest, recover from illnesses, alleviate ailments or simply let the world go by at a leisurely pace. A place in the middle of the ocean with good weather, where one could relax, look after oneself and feel great.

It was in the second half of the 19th Century when Gran Canaria started to become a major health destination. Travellers from all over Europe arrived from thousands of different cities, searching for the good climate that was spread over virtually all 12 months of the year. Visitors from all parts of Europe bathed in the medicinal waters at the old stately spas of Azuaje and los Berrazales. This was the 19th Century. However, the Great Rest continued to adapt with the passing of time. The visionary Italian Eduardo Filiputti renovated the system in the 20th Century by creating a health centre in the sea of dunes of Maspalomas. The spa on the dunes was a solar therapy centre that enabled the beneficial effects of the combination of sun and sand to be used. This was the nineteen sixties.

Nowadays the great rest recipe continues to be improved in Gran Canaria. This is because the island never stops reinventing new ways to offer the best health holidays to visitors. A century and a half later, visitors find an enormous range of Spa & Wellness centres, the attention of great health care specialists and the latest beauty and wellness treatments. The experience of years as a health destination, the most advanced methods and the most up-to-date spa and thalassotherapy facilities in Gran Canaria are combined with its mild climate and its numerous beaches. All of this is supported by many health and beauty professionals, together with a wide range of private health care options. If you want to spend a few days feeling good and looking after yourself, come to Gran Canaria. We hope that we will continue to be the place where the recipe for the Great Rest is kept for another 150 years.

Meetings An ocean of possibilities for organizing a great event GRAN CANARIA

Gran Canaria offers meeting planners, trade fairs and incentive trips, a sea of possibilities for your event, on an island of good weather. A close destination, with good communications, modern infrastructures and a varied and attractive landscape. One of the most traditional tourist destinations in Europe, with extensiveorganizational experience.

The gentle sun of the island will accompany you practically the whole year round, although the weather is not all that makes Gran Canaria a great destination for meetings and congresses. We can offer all this: A wide and varied range of hotels. Hotel hospitality in Gran Canaria has a highly diverse range. We have complete and modern facility establishments of the highest quality by the sea. Surrounded by an ocean of beaches. As well as an excellent range of city hotels. You can also choose between historic hotels or establishments in rural settings, surrounded by mild ever-changing nature.

A wide network of places where you can organize your event. In order to host trade fairs, business meetings and presentations, the island has a modern network of conference centers. You can find the best service offer at the Palacio de Congresos de Gran Canaria (Infecar), Auditorio Alfredo Kraus (Palacio de Congresos de Canarias), the Cicca or ExpoMeloneras. In addition to these centers, many hotels have rooms and spaces with capacity and services to accommodate meetings of all kind. Extensive connectivity to many European cities. A great range of accommodation and conference offer combined with the excellent connections of Gran Canaria with almost any European destination. Gran Canaria has one of the main airports in Spain, with numerous flights that connect with virtually all major Spanish and European cities. Together with wide ranging routes, frequencies and operating companies to the island. All year round.

A miniature continent as the perfect location. In Gran Canaria you can come up with the best social events programme possible. The island offers a wealth of landscapes and a complete range of leisure activities. A holiday world that will ease the preparation of your social programme, with activities in completely different scenarios. At sea or on the beaches. Or in the green and mountainous interior of the island, filled with small villages full of charm. Gran Canaria's capital also has an entertaining cultural life and a good number of shopping areas. All this topped with a huge list of restaurants scattered throughout the island. A wide range of support services for sector professionals. The organizational experience at this destination is based on a great number of companies and professionals dedicated to providing qualified services to all types of meetings, trade fairs, congresses and incentive trips. In addition, the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria and Gran Canaria Convention Bureau actively cooperate in giving the best possible support to companies, associations, entrepreneurs and organizers who choose to wager on the safe side and select Gran Canaria as their events destination.

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